• Optimize Cloud Costs
    The Challenge

    The future of cloud computing infrastructure will see hybrid/multi-cloud strategies as organizations seek public-cloud cost savings while managing risk and avoiding vendor lock-in with complementary private-cloud deployments.

    This evolving, heterogeneous footprint will spawn inefficiency and risk with phantom resources, security holes, data sprawl, and a general lack of visibility and control.

    Organizations need a Cloud Management Platform (CMP) to integrate different public/private clouds into a comprehensive, easy-to-use framework for infrastructure visibility and lifecycle management.

  • Built For Hybrid Cloud Communication
    An effective Cloud Management Platform (CMP) is the solution

    Using the DivvyCloud Management Platform (DCMP) you can achieve the following:

    • Gain Visibility: Collect server data across multiple public/private clouds (or clusters) via our unified DivvyCloud console
    • Take Action: Manage compute resources including instances, storage, security groups and networks across different clouds
    • Organize: Group IT resources in meaningful ways to facilitate efficient cost management, team collaboration, and access control
    • Automate: Enable engineer self-service with pre-defined provisioning templates and time based events
    • Analyze & Recommend: Custom alerts and reporting analytics provide intelligent optimization and cost saving strategies
  • Cloud Management Platform Stack
    How It Works

    Our software is available in both on-premise and hosted options. It harvests the data from cloud providers and uses advanced data modeling to provide you with the following:

    • Web Console: Manage virtual infrastructure from a “single pane of glass” with a dedicated view for engineers
    • Programmable API: Build applications against multiple clouds through a single unified programmable interface
    • Unification Engine: Abstract and unify cloud infrastructure data into a consolidated, dynamic data model
    • Cloud Scheduler: Support tens of thousands of compute resources while remaining in sync and responsive


Integrate your engineering and infrastructure teams with a unified cloud ops framework


Gain visibility and take action to reduce idle capacity


Maintain flexibility and control as you achieve your ideal hybrid/multi-cloud strategy


Built from the ground up and continously maintained to work with leading private and public clouds


Easy-to-download and operate behind your firewall for maximum security and control


Proactive notifications and event management to facilitate provisioning, backups and much, much more

A Unified, Multi-Cloud World

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