Thomas Martin from GE Digital
  • GE’s application modernization and cloud strategy
  • What is the GE Bot Army?
  • How DivvyCloud enables GE to automate compliance at scale
  • Bots that enforce security, cost and performance policy
BotFactory Webinar
June 2nd 5:00 - 5:30 pm EST
Live demonstration of DivvyCloud’s new BotFactory
highlights autonomous Bots to optimize and control cost, security and compliance.
Platform Overview
A brief overview of the DivvyCloud Platform and its ability to identify and fix non-compliant resources across cloud infrastructures
GE and Discovery Communications Become DivvyCloud Enterprise Customers
Explosive growth in enterprise adoption of public and private cloud technologies is driving requirements for scalable, automated solutions to ensure security, cost and operational compliance across deployments of virtual “cloud” infrastructure.
See how Bot’s can save money, ensure security and speed cloud adoption
Digital Transformation
and the Growth of Hybrid Cloud
Most enterprises know they need to embrace the digital age and transform their business processes accordingly; however the path to get them there isn’t always as clear.
Cloud Automation Reimagined
Dynamic Optimization Technology automates infrastructure compliance with security, cost and performance policies across cloud deployments. "Provision anyway you want...policy everywhere you need"

What DivvyCloud Does


Pervasive, continuous harvesting of cloud infrastructure data for real-time visibility regardless of how resources are provisioned or changed


Unify Cloud Data

Unification engine abstracts and normalizes different cloud services into a common data model with standardized lifecycle controls.


Intelligent system delivers real-time insights across cloud deployments, and provides user or programatic controls to take action.


Automate Policy Enforcement

DivvyCloud’s automation platform allows customers to automate compliance and self-heal infrastructure ensuring security, cost and operational best practices.

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