Simplify, optimize and visualize the management of your private, public or hybrid cloud using unified on-premise software interface that integrates all your cloud technologies.

  • Simplify

    Change the way you orchestrate your computing power and make cloud management effortless. DivvyCloud reduces the overall complexity of your cloud environment to allow your engineers to spend more time developing the core business and less time managing your cloud assets.

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  • Optimize

    Get a consolidated, real-time view of all your clouds in one place and minimize operational wastes. DivvyCloud enables you to monitor, track, audit and secure your cloud infrastructure throughout the enterprise and across the globe — all with more accuracy in less time and with no hassle.

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  • Visualize

    Keep track of your budget, forecast future spending and monitor who’s doing what in your cloud environment. DivvyCloud’s intuitive screens, dashboards and graphic visualizations help you make more informed decisions faster that eliminate wasted computing resources and lead to real cost savings.

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  • It's All Yours

    Tired of giving out your API keys to other SaaS providers? Keep your keys to yourself and mitigate access points into your cloud accounts. DivvyCloud software is installed on-premise and runs behind your corporate firewall. And it supports all major cloud technologies, including Amazon Web Services and OpenStack.

Simple, Unified Multi-Cloud Management

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